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Roland SE-26 mock-up

Roland SE-26 mock-up  ·  Source: Gearnews

Roland SE-26 with K-25m mockup

Roland SE-26 with K-25m mockup  ·  Source: Gearnews

We were all suitably wowed by the unexpected Studio Electronics and Roland collaboration. The SE-02 is a cool-looking monosynth with more than a hint of Moog that borrows heavily from Studio Electronics ability to replicate old synth components.


Well, Studio Electronics have more than a ladder filter in their synthesis arsenal and maybe taking a look at their current range could paint a picture of what might be coming next. I propose for your consideration, the ARP 2600-inspired SE-26.

Would we be asking too much for them to squeeze a full ARP 2600 synthesizer into the Boutique form factor? I don’t know, sliders are often used on Eurorack modules to save space and could potentially be a better idea than those tiny knobs on the SE-02.

From there you’ve only got to look at the Boomstar range of filter options. The 5089 Moog ladder is probably what’s inside the SE-02. The 4075 ARP 2600 filter is what we’re suggesting could be next. That leaves the SEM 12dB filter, the 3003 TB-303 filter, the 700 MiniKorg and the SE80 filter from the Yamaha CS-80 which is very on-trend at the moment. They do other Roland filters, the Junos and the Jupiters, but that’s probably not where Roland’s interest lies. This is Roland realising (finally) that people really like and really want analogue gear. It doesn’t matter how good their virtual modelling ACB software is – there’s a market for the real thing.

On the Studio Electronics website, they are tag-lining the SE-02 with “Roland and Studio Electronics: The partnership begins”. So, there’s every reason to believe that more fabulous synthesizer products are going to be emerging from this collaboration.

What do you think could be next? Could Roland and Studio Electronics steal the thunder from Behringer with their own Boutique clones of classic synths and yet have the heritage and synthesis chops to back it up? We live in interesting times.