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Studio Electronics Boomstar 8106

Studio Electronics Boomstar 8106  ·  Source: Synthanatomy

Studio Electronics Boomstars

Studio Electronics Boomstars  ·  Source: Synthanatomy


Studio Electronics has revamped their entire line of Boomstar desktop synths and are releasing a new one. The Boomstar 8106 is based on their Tonestar 8106 Eurorack module that fuses inspiration from the ARP 2600 with a filter topology that takes you from Jupiter to Juno.


Boomstar 8106

2 oscillators, with stackable waveforms and sub-oscillator, 2 ADSR invertible and loopable envelopes (one for the filter and one for the amp), an LFO with extensive routing and some cross modulation between oscillators, and overdrive on the output. There’s a handful of patch points along the top, otherwise, it’s very high quality, but standard monosynth stuff. It certainly sounds amazing and that filter is just so righteously distinctive.


I love what they’ve done with the front panels. The Boomstar range has always lacked a bit of panache and these new front panels completely revitalise them. It’s simple stuff really – well laid out, good labelling, a structure to the workflow and a bit of design flair. Also, the optional wooden cheeks are pretty and remarkable for their grain variations. Apparently, you’ll be able to choose the wood type in the shop. They’ve also made some improvements under the hood.

The Boomstars comprise of the same synthesizer components but with differently designed filters based on classic synthesizers. The others in the range are the Boomstar SEM (Oberheim), SE80 (Yamaha CS-80), 5089 (Moog), 4075 (ARP) and 3003 (Roland), although only the SEM, SE80 and 4072 were on show.


The Boomstar 8106 should be available in about a month and is estimated to be $1349. The current Boomstars are $1099. The price includes the wooden cheeks which are optional.  It’s a high price for a monosynth these days but you can’t fault the quality of the build.

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Studio Electronics Boomstar 8106

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