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Roland SE-02

Roland SE-02  ·  Source: Roland

Roland SE-02

Roland SE-02  ·  Source: Roland

Roland SE-02

Roland SE-02  ·  Source: Roland

The recent announcement by Roland of an upcoming SE-02 caused ripples throughout the synth community and beyond. Legendary comment threads and all-out flame wars have already been fought about the unit, mainly about the format and size. The relaunch of the Boutique series with the SH-101 also seems to show that there’s a lot going on at Roland right now.

Now the first reviews and hands-on user demos have turned up. Here’s a selection of the best ones. First up is a short sound-only demo provided by the guys and gals at produced in cooperation with Telekomn Electronic Beats. It features Skinnerbox who take the new box through its paces, first in a shorter “no talking demo…

…and also in a longer, 27-minute review:

Here’s another “no talking” demo by the crew:

Here’s another review by the Ask Audio crew:

Although this demo doesn’t go into vast detail (missing a few little functions like selecting a different frequency for Filter FM). But you do get hear things like pulse width modulation in slow and fast.

Here’s a preview of the audio sounds:

Here’s an interesting shoot-out with the Korg Monologue – unfortunately the sound quality isn’t all that great.

What’s your opinion? Like what you hear? Got a unit and want to contribute to the great “how am I supposed to use this with my sausage fingers” controversy? Let us know your views in the comments below.

  • Official Roland SE-02 site

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