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Tube Screamer Shootout

Tube Screamer Shootout  ·  Source: Thomann/YouTube


YouTube might not be the best place to pick up authentic sounds, because every set-up sounds different. But often well-made videos can point you in the right direction. And to be honest, who has ever had 22 Tube Screamers at the same time to compare? Clear the way for the ultimate shoot-out.


30 vs. 350 Euro

Encompassing 22 effect pedals, Thomann’s video includes a broad range of prices and models, so this could very well be the perfect video for any players thinking of picking up a Tube Screamer pedal any time soon.

The quasi-original, the Ibanez TS808, is priced at just under EUR 200. The copies go from very cheap (EUR 29.90) to almost EUR 350. And it feels like most of the major companies have a Tube Screamer in their range: Maxon, Way Huge, Harley Benton, Seymour Duncan, Wampler, MXR, Keeley, Mooer, Mad Professor, JHS and more.


Little green box

As the little green overdrive pedal is so famous, this makes for an interesting comparison video. Because what exactly is the Tube Screamer tone? And if there is a perfect copy of it, surely that would be Ibanez’s own version? Grab yourself a cup of coffee and explore the world of Tube Screamer sound…


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Tube Screamer Shootout

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