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Roadie 2 tuner Kickstarter guitar

The Roadie 2 tuner is now on Kickstarter  ·  Source: Roadie 2 / Kickstarter


The Kickstarter campaign for both the Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass tuner has already hit its target and gone well beyond the funding amount needed to get them released. But what exactly makes these tuners stand out from the crowd?



By now you would think us guitarists could actually tune our own instruments. But apparently there are plenty of companies that think we’re too stupid, so they keep making new ‘exciting’ ways for us to tune 6 steel wires and make us sound in tune.

This new Kickstarter campaign shows us there is another way to tune, oh yes and it uses vibrations, mechanical ‘auto tuning’ and even has an App for your smartphone!

How could we have survived so long without this?

The concept is simple enough: make a tuner that works via vibration and make it so it can actually do most of the work for you. Then, throw in a bunch of preset tunings with the ability to add more via software that runs on a smartphone. All these things already exist individually, so they have put them all together and combined them in the form of the Roadie 2. There’s an extra weighty one for bass called the Roadie Bass. Bass tuning pegs, in case you were wondering, need a bit more ‘oomph’ to twist them.


Now, I’m all for having instruments in tune, but I can honestly say that I personally think it is overkill and not as exciting as they make it all out to be. Bah humbug, yes, I am a grumpy old man! The official price for the Roadie 2 is $129, which I think is ridiculous for a tuner, if you pledge now you can pick one up for $89, which I still think is extreme for a guitar tuner.

Noisy environments aren’t anything new for guitarists, to be fair. If you are too lazy to twist a guitar tuner peg, you probably should have chosen another instrument to play. Or hired an actual roadie. But if you love gadgets then I am sure you will love this!


Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass Kickstarter page

Roadie offical website page

RRP Roadie 2 $129 & Roadie Bass $149


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Roadie 2 tuner Kickstarter guitar

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