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RJM Overture programmable analog overdrive

RJM Overture programmable analog overdrive  ·  Source: RJM Overture

Manufacturer of cables, MIDI gear and accessories RJM Music has just announced its first ever pedal. Overture is a 6-in-1 programmable analogue overdrive pedal, with eight user presets available onboard, with up to 100 accessible via MIDI. Could Overture be a convincing new contender in the deluxe, programmable overdrive pedal segment? 

RJM Music Overture

As debut effect pedals go, Overture looks like a great start to RJM Music’s ambitions in the pedal market. It combines six different analogue overdrives into one compact stompbox, all of which are programmable and can be stored in one of eight slots onboard the unit; up to 100 can be stored via MIDI.

RJM says that four of Overture’s six overdrive modes are based on classic pedals, while two are brand new designs. It also includes a pre-boost circuit with up to 12 dB of gain to slam the input of any of the overdrive modes. The website copy talks about “high quality components” and that the 9 Volt coming into the pedal is boosted internally to 18 Volts for extra headroom. So far, so good.

Listening to the prototype demo video below, I was impressed by the sounds. Overture could be a decent bet for players that need multiple drive tones, without the hassle of multiple effect units on their pedal board.

RJM Music Overture overdrive pedal

RJM Music Overture overdrive pedal


Let’s take a closer look at the MIDI features. RJM obviously has a lot of skills in this area, given their range of Mastermind MIDI foot controllers. The Overture uses MIDI to let you access 100 presets. But you can also use an external controller to adjust parameters in real-time, potentially adding useful features for live and studio work.

RJM has included a USB-C port to let you connect Overture to a computer, tablet or smart phone, opening up the option to upload updates to the pedal, store patches and so on.

RJM Music Overture rear panel with MIDI in:out and USB-C

RJM Music Overture rear panel with MIDI in:out and USB-C


The format and functionality reminds me a lot of the Elektron Analog Overdrive pedal, which although useful is also quite large. As an Analog Overdrive owner, I’ve found it handy for studio work as it will work with most signals including synths, making it a great Swiss Army knife-type effect. I think the new RJM Overture, on the other hand, is a more tightly focussed on guitar, as the demo sounds are orientated around traditional overdrive guitar tones.

These days, some individual boutique overdrive pedals retail for $399. So to have all those sounds in one pedal with those MIDI features thrown in is a pretty good deal,  Check out the prototype demo below and let us know what you think of the sounds in the comments section below.

Pre-orders are open now, shipping is slated for March 2021.

RRP: USD 399

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by Jef

2 responses to “RJM Music presents Overture, a 6-in-1 programmable analogue overdrive pedal”

  1. Kris Engelen says:

    “A new multi-voice OD pedal to rival Elektron Analog Drive?”…
    A catchy title, but of what we can hear in the demovid the unit’s sound doesn’t seem to match it’s promising design… Apart from the Boutique mode maybe the word that comes to (my) mind to describe the Overure is “boring” or more positively put; “classic”. A CV input instead of the midi and usb ports could’ve changed a lot imho.

    • Jef says:

      We will have to see what the full version sounds like in user demos, which I would imagine shall appear on YouTube once it goes on sale. I don’t think the drive tones are boring at all, in fact they all sound useable. I suppose it depends on what you like as an overdrive tone. Converting MIDI to CV is pretty easy, though I tend not to use either with my effects pedals as I’m pretty basic and don’t need all the control on offer. I’m looking forward to hearing some actual user reviews though.

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