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Manufacturer RHA has presented an innovative pair of premium wireless earphones. The aptly named CL2 Planar stand out by being the first in-ears to use planar magnetic drivers. These kinds of systems are difficult to fit in this size, but it looks like RHA has made it happen.

The system uses parallel magnetic fields with helix-shaped coils while the secondary system against which the coil is similar to aperture optics. The manufacturer promises decreased distortion and improved fidelity with better high-end response and dynamics as a result of this technology, which took the Scottish company four years of R&D.

While they are meant to work over Bluetooth, the earphones have 3.5mm and 2.5mm jack connectors (braided cables included) so you can use them over wired connections. This means they are viable in-ear stage monitors, too. They charge over USB-C. Еach earphone casing is made out of scratch-proof zirconium dioxide, a type of ceramic.

The CL2 Planar will start shipping in September, and are priced at around EUR 800 (USD 899.95 / GBP 799.95). Obviously, they are not mass-market material, although the planar magnetic tech will inevitably be available at lower prices in a few years and will eventually reach consumer price levels.

The package will include an accessory which makes them suitable for 12 hours of wear, according to RHA. This may or may not mean that the earphones’ battery life is rated accordingly, which will be quite the breakthrough if it’s so. Most wireless earphones last 3 to 4 hours of playback before a recharge is in order. Speaking of which, these supposedly take less than 2 hours for a full recharge. Sounds pretty rad!

More information about the RHA CL2 Planar can be found here.

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