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REVV ChatBreaker: AI designed overdrive pedal

REVV ChatBreaker: AI designed overdrive pedal  ·  Source: REVV


The REVV ChatBreaker is a very special overdrive pedal. It was developed with the “AI” of ChatGPT – and has become a working pedal after some failed attempts.


“AI” as an aid for product development

The legal situation has not yet been conclusively clarified who ultimately receives the copyrights when Artificial Intelligence such as ChatGPT creates something new?

Nevertheless, several companies and private individuals use this technology and are currently probably considered authors. From simple entertainment to software development, and beyond, AI is becoming part of design.

And apparently, ChatGPT can also help with the development of overdrive effect pedals.

According to the video at least one early version, according to an e-technician, was probably not even a good enough design to be switched on.

AI designed overdrive

AI designed overdrive · Source: REVV

REVV ChatBreaker

Apart from the history of its creation, the effect pedal is nothing really new, as it is at the end of the day an overdrive and not a space-time manipulation device, etc

The REVV ChatBreaker is an organic-sounding overdrive with three control levels, drive and tone.


In terms of sound, it is similar to the Tube Screamer sound.  This can sound really good depending on the amp, guitar and song. REVV writes that it is a “new REVV-voiced circuit” – but based on a BluesBreaker. Hence the name.

You can listen to it in the video below. Tell us what you think, did ChatGPT do a good job?

Price and market launch

The REVV ChatBreaker is currently only available through the manufacturer in Canada for 199 USD – Made in Canada. There are probably only going to be around 500 pieces made available, but who knows,if it does well, maybe it may go into full production one day.

MSRP – USD 199


It is certainly interesting to get AI involved with building guitar effects, as most overdrive pedals are based on a handful of classic circuit designs anyway.

However, I would be just as happy with something like the Revv G 2 Crunch/Overdrive * that was designed by us humble humans and has a proven track record for great drive tones.

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REVV ChatBreaker: AI designed overdrive pedal

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2 responses to “REVV ChatBreaker: AI designed overdrive pedal”

    Ab. says:

    What a stupid marketing gimmick….

    As you said, it’s just another overdrive with extra hype on top of it.

    Don says:

    So it’s based on what PEOPLE have done before, because AI can’t make up something new (to the best of my knowledge). So I agree, kinda dumb marketing gimmick.

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