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REVOX R2R Tape Machine

REVOX R2R Tape Machine  ·  Source:

REVOX R2R Tape Machine

REVOX R2R Tape Machine  ·  Source:

REVOX R2R Tape Machine

REVOX R2R Tape Machine  ·  Source:

This appears to be a playback machine for audiophiles who want to play master tapes. However, hopefully the rumours about REVOX are true that a recording version will follow, which will make this a very interesting product in the pro world too.

REVOX Tape for the studio today

More and more studios are renovating their old tape machines and offering transfer to tape, then back into the digital domain for that all-important ‘analogue sound’. However, parts are few and far between, let alone unreliable and expensive. Whilst this is a ‘hobby’ for many, there is clearly a demand for a new product to be released that has support and is priced sensibly for today’s market.

This new machine planned between REVOX and Horch House looks to be ideal, albeit they’ve only officially announced a playback-only version. The styling isn’t exactly modern but this is never going to be a state-of-the-art piece of technology.

Rumour for 2017

Whilst this appears to only be a playback machine, this hidden post on Gearslutz suggests there should be a  professional recording option to follow:

“The initial release is playback only, i.e. the “reproducer” model, tentatively retailing for €4.5k. The “recorder/reproducer” model with XLR connections (instead of the standard RCAs) will follow at a later point where the aim appears to be a retail price of roughly €5k. “

… if this is true, then we have something very exciting to look forward to next year. I wonder if Horch House will also develop and manufacture some new and cost effective tape? This could be a very viable solution for certain facilities to host. What about a multitrack version in 2018?

Full story found at both the Horch House and/or REVOX websites.

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