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Reveho the ultimate travel guitar?

Reveho The Slite, possibly the ultimate travel guitar?  ·  Source: Reveho

Revehō’s new model, The Slite, is designed to make travelling with a guitar a lot easier. Thanks to its modular and collapsible design, it fits in a compact case despite giving you a full-size playing experience for all the ergonomics and playability you’re used to.

Travel Guitars

Travelling with a guitar, especially internationally can be a headache. Loss or breakages are a constant danger, as most guitar designs are just a bit too bulky for overhead lockers on planes or trains. Many travel guitars are a compromise, being either too small or lacking the look and feel of a real guitar.

Revehō has evidently given this problem a lot of thought and come up with The Slite.

Reveho The Slite

Reveho The Slite

Revehō The Slite

The instrument consists of five individual parts. In the middle is the aluminium core, onto which an upper and a lower side part are put together to form a body. The neck also consists of two parts, making the whole thing pretty compact when you’re travelling. Revehō says assembly should only take about 20 seconds, so you can get on and play your guitar quickly. Revehō also states that although the strings are completely relaxed, hardly any re-tuning is required!

Integrated amplifier

But it doesn’t stop there; this guitar has a lot more tricks up its sleeve. Integrated into the lower half of the body is a preamplifier with effects and USB-C connectivity. There are two different versions. In the basic package, the upper part of the body is empty. The amp version, on the other hand, comes installed with an amplifier with 15 Watts of power and 6 hours of battery life. That makes The Slite a one-stop solution that means you can leave all your other devices at home. A handy headphone output is also on board for when you just want some quiet practise. The scale length is 25.5 inches, and the movable tension rod lets you can adjust the instrument exactly to your needs.


The crowdfunding via Kickstarter will start on September  9th, 2020. Now, the modularity and features offered here don’t come cheap. The Slite starts at 1549 Euros, going up to as much as 2209 Euros! Hopefully, they can figure out a way to get the costs down, as this is a great idea and could be a lot of fun to play.

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