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Gruv Gear Kapsule

Gruv Gear Kapsule  ·  Source: Gruv Gear /Indiegogo

Gruv Gear The Kapsule

The Kapsule - A perfect travel solution for guitarists?  ·  Source: Gruv Gear /Indiegogo

Gruv Gear’s new Kapsule looks like it might combine the best features of guitar hard cases, gig bags and suitcases into one travel case for guitars and basses. Could this be the perfect solution for guitarists on the move? Let’s take a look at some of the details.

The Kapsule

The Kapsule has a polycarbonate outer shell and uses soft fabrics on the parts that rest on your body, giving you the feel of a gig bag. But it also has a strength you don’t normally associate with softer carrying bags. And there’s a useful space to pack all your other stuff you need when you travel, either guitar gear like strings, leads and effects or your toothbrush and spare pants! In fact, Gruv Gear says you can pack four or five days worth of clothes in there using its compression packing cube system that helps keep it all tightly packed. That already makes the Kapsule attractive for international gigs and musicians on the move.

Gruv Gear Kapsule

Inside the Kapsule

But there’s more. The Kapsule has an EPS layer for shock absorbency and insulation from extreme temperatures, plus an EVA neck brace for overall structural stability of the case. There’s a special cavity that Gruv Gear calls an Iso Chamber designed to prevent impact damage to your guitar’s headstock. Perfect for your Gibson, then!

Gruv Gear The Kapsule

The Kapsule – A perfect travel solution for guitarists?

International Safety

There are some other nice details, through. Walking around an airport with a hardshell case can be wearisome. So the Kapsule has snap-on wheels to make it easier to lug it around. There’s a TSA-compliant lock and even a Global Recovery Tag system, just in case it goes astray.

Gruv Gear also offers optional feature packs with added equipment. The PLAY package adds a tiny headphone amp for practising on the move. The POWER package is a 10,000 mAh energy bank for recharging your devices. Neat. Difficult to think of something they haven’t thought of. It even has night-time safety reflectors, for goodness sake.

I’m a fan of innovative devices that pack lots of great ideas into one place. This really could be the perfect travel companion for musicians that need to board flights and travel internationally. The project is on Indiegogo and you can watch their official demo video below to check the Kapsule in action.

RRP – USD 297

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