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Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard  ·  Source: Gruv Gear


Gruv Gear has come up with a new product called the LYNK Pedalboard, that’s accompanied by a Pedalboard Kapsule Case. This system is designed as a modular pedalboard solution that can expand with your pedal collection. The price is yet to be announced, but it could be a useful option for pro players with hectic gigging schedules.



The new Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard modular system of ‘lynkable’ panels, allowing guitar and bass players to adapt their pedalboard design and construction. It seems like an elegant solution for players run more than one pedal setup, and need to change their setup depending on the gig they are playing.


Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard

Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard modular system with three boards · Source: Gruv Gear

Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard

Let’s have a closer look at how its makers plan to achieve this. Each individual LYNK is a lightweight aluminium panel measuring a 12” wide and  17” deep, which is a decent size for a small board. ABS connectors link each LYNK panel, which has threaded feet to let users adjust the surface angle to taste. There is also a handy wireless power option which keeps pedals running via what they call a ‘wireless power system’, which I presume is a rechargeable battery. Sounds like less cables and fuss, and a quicker setup. Interesting!

You can spread your pedals across multiple boards. So you might have one board with your main effects, while additional effects are hosted by the next. Maybe you’ll then have a third to add in more effects – perfect for pedal junkies with huge swaths of little boxes!

Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard

Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard · Source: Gruv Gear


That’s all fine and dandy. But moving your board around can be a headache. Gruv Gear are offering the Pedalboard Kapsule for easy transportation to and from gigs and rehearsals. These are based on their Kapsule systems for guitars I wrote about last year, and has built-in TSA locks and the Global Recovery Tag system used by nearly 3000 airports worldwide. It looks like a great pro spec piece of equipment for travelling musicians.

Gruv Gear Kapsule

Gruv Gear Kapsule · Source: Gruv Gea


Because the LYNK Pedalboard system is expandable, it could be useful for a lot of pro players that have more than one rig. I suppose it will all come down to price and whether or not it is viable to own multiple units to combine with one another.

I think the build quality looks like it can handle being dragged from session to session with no problems. And that is obviously a huge deal if you are using expensive effect pedals and don’t want to worry about your precious effect selection arriving at the gig in tatters.

Certainly a system for players with busy gigging schedules. Use the link below to enquire about building your own system on the Gruv Gear site.


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