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Rabid Elephant

Rabid Elephant  ·  Source: Rabid Elephant


The intriguingly named Rabid Elephant are responsible for Knobs and Natural Gate Eurorack modules that are perpetually sold out on their website. The Natural Gate, which features 4 lowpass gates in a beautifully designed module, usually sell out the instant they announce the next run. They’ve just revealed they are working on a Eurorack sequencer and I couldn’t be more excited.


Rabid Elephant Sequencer

They say they’ve been wrestling with this concept for quite some time but believe the all the pieces have come together.

And so recently, we hit a special moment where it all came together musically – it made sense and all of the features complemented each other perfectly.  So much so that we decided to immediately start development of our own hardware sequencer.

They’ve worked on a sequencer before which evolved into a hugely powerful device with arranging capabilities and MIDI outputs as well as CV but it wasn’t that fun or inspiring. And that’s what Rabid Elephant is all about – it has to be fun, to be immediate and inspiring.


The sequencer will have everything out on the front panel “100% immediacy” and they also plan to release an expander for it which will add more digital things like “MIDI, clocking, quantisation, USB and hidden modes.” They are also looking into the idea of it being a standalone machine with some DAW-friendly features for people wanting to work outside the modular environment.

One area they want to address is that of velocity in terms of CV/Gate. Most Eurorack sequencers tend to ignore velocity as a concept and only offer a single CV and gate output per track. But velocity doesn’t actually make complete sense in Eurorack because it’s not about note events like it is in MIDI, it’s about voltage changes and the dynamics of your signals are often addressed elsewhere or through doubling up on VCAs. Anyway, Rabit Elephant says they have something called “VeloGate” or “CVGate” or probably “DynamicGate” in order to make gates dynamic and velocity sensitive.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what they come up with. And just to note that currently you can preorder the illusive Natural Gate on the website but the lead time could be up to 18 months!

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