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WMD Mantic Conceptual FLEX

WMD Mantic Conceptual FLEX  ·  Source: WMD


Boutique pedal makers Mantic have enlisted the help of module makes WMD to stuff their Mantic FLEX guitar pedal into Eurorack. The result is an awesome degree of crunch and distortion that will make your other modules fear for their lives.


Mantic Conceptual – FLEX

It’s based on the same circuit used by the original FLEX, FLEX Pro and FLEX xs guitar pedals. It uses PLL (Phase Locked Loop) technology to generate all kinds of crazy. The result is a 3-part harmony of square waves fighting to stay phase locked to the original signal. It enjoys handling any sort of signal. In many ways the simplicity of signals in Eurorack work to its advantage over a more harmonically rich guitar signal. It all sounds so dangerous.

At the top the VCA controls the amount of input signal is going to go through the ordeal. The VCO offset introduces a kind of PWM, sync element. Focus deals with the tracking speed along with Pump which ends up being a sort of argument when used together. Octave seems to transpose down and they suggest it’s best used with static voltages. Alongside are two switches, “$” and “&” which introduce new harmonics and general crazy stuff. At the bottom you have a wet/dry mix knob to alter the balance of destruction. They are all, of course, CV controllable.

The key to PLL based effects is that they need experimentation more than explanation. The video below probably tells you all you need to know.


Mantic Conceptual – FLEX will be available soon for $199.

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WMD Mantic Conceptual FLEX

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