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PreSonus GoFundMe Flood Campaign

PreSonus GoFundMe Flood Campaign  ·  Source:

PreSonus headquarters are in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been subject to some historic flooding recently. The company’s buildings managed to escape the high waters, but unfortunately several of their employees homes didn’t. Some of the unfortunate employees are even said to have lost everything. This is an opportunity to help members of our community.


PreSonus, upon hearing that other employees, customers, vendors, and friends wanted to help the effected employees, created a GoFundMe Campaign. The campaign reached 7,500 USD in the first 24 hours and at the time of writing this it has reached 24,170 USD of their 30,000 USD goal. In a statement, PreSonus said: “All donations will be distributed equally among the affected employees as determined by the company. Participation in this effort is strictly voluntary.”

The Gearnews team wishes the campaign success and that the effected employees at PreSonus all manage to get back on track. It is un-thinkable for many of us to imagine what it must be like to loose everything due to flooding. Each donation, however small, will go a long way. Please give what you can to this nobel cause.

Head over to the GoFundMe campaign now and please give generously:

PreSonus are a key player in the pro audio and music sectors, recently releasing Notion 6 and an update to their Studio One DAW software as reported by us last week.


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