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PreSonus tease III

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We all love a good tease. No, wait a minute, we hate tease campaigns, they drive us bloody bonkers! Anyway, unperturbed PreSonus have been teasing the release of a brand new, never-seen-before, good-god-it’s-going-to-be-amazing, product. It started on Facebook about a week ago and then they started putting out these weird videos. What are they up to? (update: answer at the bottom)

It seems to follow the story of some guy in a tash stealing something from PreSonus HQ. Now I’m a little embarrassed to say that I get the feeling I’m supposed to recognise this bloke when he reveals who he is by ripping the moustache off – but I have no idea who he is (sorry). Here’s the first part.

The video ends with the aforementioned bloke looking astonished at some kind of blueprint. The next video picks up where that leaves off. With some annoyingly clever camera angles you never quite see what’s there. There definitely appears to be some kind of mixer element with faders and the like. There’s loads of buttons, a word beginning with STU (probably STUDIO) and a space that looks suspiciously like it would take an iPad or is perhaps an integrated touchscreen. And then an area that looks like a grill you could toast a cheese sandwich on. The video ends with the man staring into a lightbox through which we can see three vertical lines. The “III” has been used on Instagram and Twitter so it’s obviously important. Here’s the second video:

Apparently all will be revealed on the 6th October. And the answer is – it’s another mixer, the StudioLive 32.

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