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Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory

Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory  ·  Source: Pittsburgh Modular

Pittsburgh Modular have been weirding-out their followers with strange little audio-visual happenings on Instagram and Facebook. It looks like 70’s nature footage combined with some really out-there noises and they’ve just published a first glimpse of the device responsible. They are calling it the Voltage Research Laboratory.

Voltage Research Laboratory

Get a load of this.


They have a whole bunch of these posts exploring all sorts of sounds and general craziness.

Sifting through some of the comments it becomes clear that the Voltage Research Lab consists of 2 Eurorack modules fitted in a custom case. And referencing the photo at the top of the article you have a 48hp voice module at the top and a 38hp controller module at the bottom. You’ll be able to purchase them as a system or individually.

All will be revealed at Superbooth.

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