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Pittsburgh Modular Local Florist

Pittsburgh Modular Local Florist  ·  Source: Pittsburgh Modular

What a beautiful module from Pittsburgh Modular. I don’t care what it does but it looks lovely and we should all have one.

Local Florist

In a massive departure from their usual stylings, Local Florist is a wonderfully cool looking module painted in the style of the living room wallpaper of my childhood. Beneath the panel is an array of textures that are “perfect for any occasion”.

It says here that the Local Florist is an experiment in highly-controlled feedback. The result is something along the lines of a bit of flanging, chorus, reverb, vibrato, karplus strong (sort of), plucky sounds and spacey sounds. All the sorts of things you can do with delay in an adorable looking module. You can throw a gate in and get interesting percussive and bouncy binging sounds out of is, but it’s not an oscillator and doesn’t track 1v/Oct or anything. What it prefers is a bit of audio to get its teeth into and then it can start moving and phasing and modulating the audio in groovy ways.

What’s even nicer is that this heralds the arrival of the Voltage Research Laboratory 2 synthesizer which we don’t know anything about as yet. The follow-up to the Voltage Research Laboratory which won our hearts in 2019 appears to be in development and this module was designed to be part of that. Pittsburgh Modular says that the Local Florist was so much fun that they had to let it into the wild and share it around.

Initially, the module is available from their webshop for $259 but seems to be well and truly sold out at the time of writing.

Looking forward to hearing more about the VRL2 but in the meantime check out Richard Nicol’s dive into the Local Florist below where he also talks a tiny bit about the forthcoming synth which should be out next summer after something else which they’ve not yet talked about. Exciting things from Pittsburgh Modular.

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