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Dynamic Plate Reverb

 ·  Source: Physical Audio

UK plug-in developer Physical Audio has released a very interesting reverb — the PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb.


The effect uses a pure numerical model to recreate the sounds of classic plate reverbs. Taking advantage of physical modelling, the PA1 lets you choose among 6 simulated materials like Gold and Titanium. Decay times vary from 0.3 to 10 seconds over 8 octave bands. The left and right channel pickup positions can be changed across the plate, shaping the input sound.

Physical Audio’s algorithms are based on the Kirchoff plate equation, letting the developers simulate the size, thickness, tension, and physical properties of materials. The mathematical description enables the reverb to calculate 6000 vibration modes, which are integrated in real-time to compute the plate displacement.

Overall, this is a very interesting reverb capable of a large variety of plate sounds. There’s a free demo version that isn’t feature-limited, but cuts output for several seconds every minute.

PA1 is available in AU format exclusively for macOS, starting from version 10.9. The price for a full license is GBP 79.

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