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Phil X to join Gibson?

Phil X to join Gibson?  ·  Source: Instagram/Scala Guitars


Winter NAMM 2020 was a blast and Gibson took on two new endorsees at the show in Anaheim, Phil X of Bon Jovi and The Drills fame, and Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains.


Gibson Artists for 2020

Rumours all weekend that Phil X had joined Gibson as an endorsee this year have turned out to be true. The man is a rock and roll machine, and his current gig with Bon Jovi has certainly put his name on the map in recent years.

His amazing rise in the industry probably started on Fretted Americana, where he had possibly some of the most entertaining demo videos of vintage guitars on the web. The YouTube channel is full of his phenomenal guitar playing and his infectious enthusiasm.

At this year’s NAMM, his band The Drills gave an insane performance at the Gibson stand which included plenty of classic Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin riffs. You can watch a snippet of it below from the Scala Guitar‘s Instagram page.

Phil X Gibson Endorsee

Phil X Gibson Endorsee

Brand Ambassador

We also heard via Blabbermouth that Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains was going to be a brand ambassador for Gibson, following in Slash’s footsteps. Apart from his famous G&L models, I remember him toting a white Les Paul Custom back in the ’90s, that was ‘polka-dotted’ with cigarette burns. There was also that Les Paul in the ‘Would?’ video, so it makes sense for him to join the Gibson brand.

“Bringing Jerry to the Gibson family is a dream come true. He is one of the riff lord heroes that personally influenced and inspired me to play guitar,” –  Cesar Gueikian, chief merchant

Again, he is a monster guitar player, and one with a massive and loyal following over the years.

Jerry Cantrell to join Gibson as Brand Ambassador

Jerry Cantrell to join Gibson as Brand Ambassador

Gibson 2020

It looks like Gibson are off to a very strong start for 2020, with two new heavyweights onboard. And with James ‘JC’ Curleigh at the helm as CEO, hopefully things will only get better for the US guitar giant.

There is no official information on the main Gibson website yet, but it should all update soon, once everyone has recovered from the madness of the NAMM weekend.

Gibson CEO James 'JC' Curleigh

Gibson CEO James ‘JC’ Curleigh


Gibson wall at WInter NAMM

Gibson wall at Winter NAMM

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Phil X to join Gibson?

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One response to “Phil X and Jerry Cantrell to join Gibson in 2020”

    Cort says:

    Phil X has had more guitar manufacturer partners than Leo DiCaprio has had girlfriends. He’ll probably be at Fender by the summer.

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