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Pam's Pro Workout

Pam's Pro Workout  ·  Source: ALM


Get a hold of yourself; ALM has upgraded Pam’s to Pamela’s Pro Workout. It comes with many more features, upgraded hardware and a new display to keep your rack in time.


Pamela’s Pro Workout

Pam gets everywhere. She maintains and manipulates clocks all over Eurorack armed with just 8 CV outputs and a pair of leg warmers. Pamela’s Workout is compact and full of all the things you need for generating patterns, clocks, divisions and time-related utilities. But now Busy Circuits has decided to bump up the feature set and give Pams a whole new colour display.

The way it works is easy enough. You have 8 outputs that can be any of the features from the module. You get a nice big yellow Start/Stop button and a clickable encoder for selecting things and also changing parameters. People generally consider it to be simple to use for a menu-driven multi-function module. Also the new high-resolution colour display is going to help with navigation and being able to see at a glance which thing the module is doing. The Scope mode is just what you need to see your modulations.


In terms of features, it’s a clock with a tempo from 10-303BPM. Pam’s can multiply and divide that clock to ridiculous degrees. It can output all sorts of waveforms as LFOs or envelopes, ratchets to randomisation. It has extensive Euclidean, probability and beat-based looping for pattern creation. And you can push it off-grid and mix up output modulations. It supports the Axon-1 expander to add 4 more CV inputs to the existing 4 CV inputs. These can be assigned to any internal parameter. Apparently, more expanders are on the way.

Pamela’s Pro Workout is undoubtedly the ultimate clock-based utility module. I’ve resisted the urge to buy one until this very moment because, well, it’s just a fancy clock right? But finally, I’ve decided I need a professional Pam’s in my life.


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Pam's Pro Workout

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2 responses to “Pamela’s PRO Workout: Next generation clocking module from ALM”

    Richard Lawler says:

    I always like a bigger, better screen, and cross output modulation sounds like something very useful. But I’m disappointed the maximum tempo is only 300 bpm. This ends up being very limiting when using clock dividers to generate useful polyrhythms. But an even larger gripe is the lack of support for Scala-based tunings in a module with quantization features. Pam’s is one of the most popular modules in Eurorack. There’s no reason that modular needs to perpetuate equal temperament as the default. Modular is supposed to be about options and customization. Modular needs to up its game when it comes to tuning support. The status quo is an embarrassment. It’s time to take some of the Euro out of Eurorack.

      Gabriel Martin says:

      Send a square wave out at X192, pretty fast. this new pams is awesome. I love mine. Just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully they will add more scales. I am more than happy with it and pretty sure they will add some more fun stuff. If you want polyrhythms just use some euclidian and cross mods. awesome. For the HP what can beat it?

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