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Midweek Modular

Midweek Modular  ·  Source: Gearnews


This week Noise Engineering helps us rework our jams, ALM expands clocks out of Pams Pro Workout and Tiptop Audio updates the massive Z-DSP.


Midweek Modular

Here are the magnificent pieces of modular that have caught my eye in the past week.

Noise Engineering Jam Jam and Quantus Trajecta

First of all, Jam Jam is a ridiculously regular name for a Noise Engineering module. Jam Jam is a four-channel trigger and gate processor that loves to add a bit of versatility to your patch. It’s more of a processor than a generator, so you need to patch some patterns into the inputs to give you interesting and alternative outputs. It is normalised from top to bottom, so you can simply put a clock in the top input and set all four outputs in motion.

You can use it in three modes; Random, Clock Phase and Gate Delay. Firstly, Random is the most obvious, where you dial in some probability, and it creates variations on the input patterns. Clock Phase adds feel by pushing on the timing. And finally, Gate Delay can add anything from milliseconds to 15 seconds to your patterns for tightening, loosening or experimental occurrences.

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The more traditionally named Quantus Trajecta is a four-channel envelope designed for polyphony. There’s only one set of ADSR knobs and they change the envelope on all four channels at once. So it’s really easy to keep control over four voices in your rack. It has some shape control, an interesting Tremolo and A/D mode and will definitely be an asset in a polyphonic patch.

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Both modules are available now. Quantus Trajecta is $280, Jam Jam is $240.

  • Noise Engineering website.
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ALM Busy Circuits Pamela’s Pro Workout Expanders

With the upgraded Pams Pro Workout ALM announced that there were expanders on the way for it. The first two have arrived.

Pam Pro is extremely versatile, but sometimes you just want a clock. The PPEXP1 adds some fixed and always-happening clock outputs. This is a great thing for people like me who don’t like to play with menus.  PPEX1 offers MIDI clock output, Sync outputs and a couple of multiplied and divided clock outputs ready to be patched.

PPEXP2 is a similar deal but without the extra clock divisions and slimmed down to 2HP.

ALM PPEX1 and 2

ALM PPEX1 and 2 · Source: ALM

The PPEXP1 and PPEXP2 are available now for £119 and £89, respectively.

Tiptop Audio Z-DSP (NS)

Tiptop’s Z-DSP is a huge effects module and digital signal processor that has provided us with deep reverbs, complex modulations and weirdness for many years. In a new update, Tiptop has introduced the Z-DSP (NS), which brings in a lot of behind-the-panel improvements along with a fabulously black front end.

The analogue circuitry has been redesigned, lowering the noise floor and improving sound and clarity across the frequency range. The dry/wet circuit has been updated to remove the 3dB drop when passing through the 50/50 position. The circuit board is simpler, slimmed down with surface mount components, and it now has reverse polarity protection.

Tiptop Z-DSP NS

Tiptop Z-DSP NS · Source: Tiptop

The Z-DSP (NS) remains a huge and deeply interesting effects module that takes all the same cartridges. It comes with the Halls of Valhalla and Dragonfly Delay MKII. I’ve never really warmed to the Tiptop white front panels, so the new black panels on this and other modules are a very welcome sight.

The new version is available now in black or white for £383.

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Midweek Modular

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