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Overloud TH-U IOS

Overloud TH-U IOS  ·  Source: Overloud


Overloud’s new TH-U iOS gives you a suite of guitar amp and effects for your Apple iPad or iPhone. The company is even offering a free version of the app to get you started. But how does it stack ups against the recent launch of Mooer’s GE Labs?



The free version of the new TH-U iOS comprises of a handful of amps, cabs and various effect pedals. More models can be purchased for EUR 5.49 via in-app purchase. A total of 239 models are available (for sale). That encompasses 89 guitar amps, 4 bass amps, 50 guitar cabs, 2 bass cabs , 77 pedal and rack effects, 18 microphones.

That’s plenty of choice to get you going. There are 1000 presets as well, if you aren’t into making your own virtual guitar rigs. You can create your virtual setups with the Rig Player. Or you can just go with a preset and tweak to taste.

Overloud TH-U IOS

Overloud TH-U IOS with in-app purchases · Source: Overloud


According to my colleague over at our German sister site, the app isn’t very intuitive, so you may need some help to get up and running. That said, he reports that the TH-U iOS app itself sounds very good. Be sure to check the video and website links below.

A slight niggle: there is currently no compatibility with Inter App Audio (IAA). If I want to record the amp in a DAW like Garage Band, then you’d have to do it via a third-party app like Audiobus. That makes it a bit unwieldy and I’d have preferred a seamless experience there.


Mooer GE Labs

Has Overloud been pipped to the post here by Mooer and its GE Labs, released in mid-April? That product is also free to download and uses in-app purchases. GE Labs is getting great reviews from users online in guitar forums. If you already have GE Labs, would you pay extra for this new virtual guitar rig setup? Perhaps not. However, if THU iOS sounds amazing, it could take off.


If you want to enjoy the full variety of tones available without limits, TH-U Full for iOS costs USD 49.99 – if you already own TH-U Desktop. Otherwise you pay EUR 5.49 and up.

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Overloud TH-U IOS

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One response to “Overloud TH-U iOS: Pipped to the post by Mooer’s GE Labs?”

    Ugo says:

    These in app purchases are a ripoff. If you want a full package with all the options you are going to spend more than a good hardware multieffect, like the ones Mooer makes.
    Not to count you have to own an iPad from before and if you want to play it live, you’ll need a soundcard and a MIDI foot controller.

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