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Artistry Audio Origin X

Artistry Audio Origin X  ·  Source: Artistry Audio

Artistry Audio Origin X

Artistry Audio Origin X  ·  Source: Artistry Audio

Artistry Audio has put together a loop-based instrument featuring a wad of modern content with an emphasis on sound design and cinematic soundscapes. Origin X looks rather nice.

Origin X

I was initially fooled into thinking it was a brand new standalone and innovative loop-based production instrument but ultimately it’s based in Kontakt which means it will have the familiar flavour of all those other Kontakt based instruments. That’s not to throw shade at Origin X because Kontakt is an awesome platform for running sound library it’s just that you know it will have a lot of similar functionality to things we’ve seen before.

Numbers are important with sample library and with Origin X you get over 4GB in samples, over 1400 loops, 350 master presets with 130 sound presets and 100 effects presets. The sort of sounds included in the library range from the cinematic, electronic, synthetic and downtempo through to organic, natural and sound design elements.

Loops are mapped over a couple of octaves where each one has undergone different amounts of manipulation and processing. Or you can stack them up in two layers over a single octave. You can edit the layers separately or together by holding the Alt key. The samples are held in 75 kits onto which you can apply the sound and effects presets for a bit of mixing and matching. You have sample editing on each layer with all the usual controls, modulation and motion provided by step modulators and then effects and mixing – all good Kontakt stuff.

There’s a lot of great in-your-face content and some engaging processing going on this sound library that feels quite fresh and current. It makes great use of the Kontakt interface but ultimately it comes down to whether the library content appeals to what you’re trying to do. In the right situation it feels like this could drop right in there.

Origin X is available now for an introductory price of $149 for Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt on MacOS or Windows.

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