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Beatbox Beast

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Beatbox Beast has sampled the mouths of many “young and talented artists” to give you a library spit splattered aggressive percussion. Released in cooperation between VSTOFF and this angry sounding library is completely free.


Beatbox Beast

The library consists of 153 samples, 80 kicks and 73 snares and is spread across 2 Kontakt instruments. It’s for Kontakt 5.5.1 or above only and does not work with the Kontakt Player.

The interface is genius. There’s an overdrive knob taking it up to +10dB and an “Angry Button” which cuts in some serious sounding compression.

Full version

There is a full version of Beatbox Beast available for 5 whole Euros which ups the ante to 440 samples. The expanded library includes hi-hats, percussion and synth noises. It also has kits arranged in Kontakt, MIDI loops and patterns to get you thumping.

So, check out the demo and then come back for the full version.


There’s this description of something called Matrioska, which I’m not cool enough to understand. They are using it alongside the product under the heading “Use the mouth”. It’s as if it explains what Beatbox Beast is all about, but leaves me rather clueless. But here it is:

The origins of Matrioska can be found in Russia, East Europe. It can take few space if compressed in itself or it can expand the pieces and take a lot of space (in our case creativity and sound modulation). Matrioska is a magic circle starting with the first piece called “mother” and the last piece called “seed”. It is a symbol of unity, generosity and life. Generally made in WOOD, one of the five natural elements known in Chinese Medicine, the wood symbol is moving on the exterior (think outside the box)…

More information available on the website. Or if you want to skip to the full version then head over the VSTOFF.

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Beatbox Beast

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