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OD Guitars Cybele

OD Guitars Cybele  ·  Source: OD Guitars

OD Guitars make some modern and, some might say, beautiful guitars. The new Cybele model is its take on a modern-day instrument in the style of a Telecaster. This thing, though, is a lot more complex than a bog standard ’50s Tele!


The Cybele is an ultra-modern design and uses lightweight, naturally dried and stabilized woods to give the guitar more sustain. With a regular 25.5″ construction and 6 strings, you can get ‘classic’ Tele like tones from this model. However, they also offer it in 7- and 8-string as well as multi-scale versions, so you can really go to town with bespoke options if you like. I love the geometric design on the top of the guitar, I think it suits the modern aesthetic very well.


Its makers have selected a three-piece maple and mahogany neck, with either a maple or ebony fretboard loaded with 24 jumbo frets. A number of options are available for the main body: ash, mahogany and black limba (the latter costs $100 more). Pickup options (both are H-H) are either Seymour Duncan JB & 59 or BareKnuckle pickups.

A Hipshot Fixed Bridge is standard except when you choose a multi-scale version, which uses an ABM bridge. The Cybele has Hipshot open gear Locking Tuners with OD’s own custom tuner buttons.

I’m impressed by the styling and the myriad of options available. But what I liked most was the sound from the demo video below. I was expecting some Djent, but instead I got some really nice clean guitar tones that blew me away. It was nice to hear such a modern looking guitar not being hidden behind walls of distortion for once.

RRP from USD 2100 depending on options.

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