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Gibson ES models destroyed

Gibson ES models destroyed  ·  Source: YouTube/BJs World

After a video was posted two days ago of Gibson destroying hundreds of Firebird X models, another (subsequently removed video) has emerged of what looks like Gibson destroying what looks like ES guitar models.

Gibson ES Guitars Destroyed

YouTube channel BJs World today uploaded another video its proprietor says shows Gibson destroying guitars, Its title: ‘Putting down Gibson ES Guitars. New unsold Gibson guitars being demolished at the factory’.

According to the channel hosting the video, which has since been removed, these were new instruments. It makes you wonder what can be so wrong with these guitars that they are destroyed like this rather than, say, auctioned off for charity or stripped down and recycled?

What we don’t know is when this video was shot. It could have been under former CEO Henry Juszkiewicz or perhaps more recently under James ‘JC’ Curleigh‘s watch. It looks like the room in the background is part of a building site. The third video below contains footage purportedly of demolition work on Gibson’s old factory in Memphis, which was sold off last year. Production of the ES guitars were moved to Gibson’s main factory instead. Does this place the new “ES destruction” video at the the old Memphis site? It’s just a guess.

I watched the video before it was removed from YouTube and managed to grab a screenshot. I cringed every time the guy stamped on the guitar necks, but at least the bandsaw was clinical and efficient (compared to a caterpillar track!). In the video, a man also bandsaws off the Gibson logo from the top of each headstock.  

Gibson ES Guitar getting stomped on

Gibson ES Guitar getting stomped on


Thankfully The Guitologist and Shnobel Tone have uploaded a video containing the pulled footage, so you can see some of the carnage. The Guitologist also gives a few of his own opinions on the Gibson guitar destruction videos from the last few days, it’s worth a watch.


by Jef

11 responses to “New video of Gibson destroying guitars, this time it’s ES models”

  1. Gibson.
    What on earth are you doing?
    Obviously, Gibson never wanted these clips to see the light of day, but they’re out there now.
    Utterly ridiculous, and they’re P.R. response is laughably unbelievable.
    Unsafe? Unsafe how?
    With their new apparently crabby and vindictive corporate persona, a textbook example of how to chase away potential customers.

  2. mojave rat says:

    Really not sure what Gibson’s deal is lately but nothing they’re not doing a damn thing to keep people interested in their instruments. These videos that keep surfacing are making them look like the heartless greed-driven corporate whores that everyone had made them out to be. I’ll say this much… Gibson is dead last on my list of builders now.

  3. Brian says:

    If you actually work for any retailer, you know this is BS. Gibson has spread this rumor around that they trash guitars with only the smallest of blemishes. It’s just not true.

  4. Murz says:

    Wow. Why anyone would buy a new Gibson after this, especially at their prices, is beyond me.

  5. Gunny says:

    Just shows the mark up is way too high.

  6. Y K says:

    If they are unsafe or not only Gibson knows it. It could be unsafe paint, or a chemical used while this batch was made. In this case of course they should not be donated to anyone and rightfully Gibson destroyed them and made sure they did not “escape” in any way.

  7. Billy says:

    My guess would be is they were trying to pass made in China stuff off as USA made and needed to destroy the evidence

  8. Kaz says:

    With all the used options available, someone would have to be crazy to buy a new Gibson. Gibson may as well put together a “Keep Our Legacy Alive” fund drive and let people just hand their money over to them.

  9. John says:

    Thanks to people like you, people don’t understand a shit of this industry,

  10. Steve says:

    It is defensible to destroy blemished instruments but this is painful viewing. How did Firebirds reach completion before faults were found?

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