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Epiphone Coronet

Epiphone Coronet  ·  Source: YouTube/ Normans Rare Guitars

Satellite Amplifiers claims to have a federal trademark for the Coronet design and has been selling its own take on the model since 2017. However, it looks like Gibson isn’t happy with this arrangement, and is planning on starting court proceedings to stop the company from making the guitars. The design was originally owned by Epiphone and therefore, now owned by Gibson. 

Satellite Amplifiers vs Gibson

Satellite Amplifiers owner Adam B. Grimm has posted on Instagram stating that Gibson is planning on taking his company to court over the Epiphone Coronet design. According to Grimm, Gibson “abandoned the model in 1999”, and therefore he has a right to make them, especially since he has a federal trademark for his version of the classic guitar design.

“Gibson Guitars is attempting to invalidate my federal trademark for the Coronet,” Grimm wrote. “I know that Gibson abandoned the model in 1999, and never bothered to even attempt to protect the model or keep it alive. Ever. Until now. Why? Because myself and a few others have brought it back to life, and introduced it to a new audience that never even knew the model existed.” – Adam B. Grimm

Epiphone Coronet

The original Epiphone Coronet model was first introduced in the late 1950s as an entry-level guitar, and was still in production until about 1970. Eventually, some reissue models appeared in the 1980s. Gibson very occasionally brought them out for a release, but not often, and definitely not for quite sometime.

So, is this a reasonable claim from Satellite Amplification? Grimm says he offered to purchase the brand from Gibson after receiving the legal notice, but has yet to receive an official response from the guitar giant.

Let us know what you think about this development in the comments section below. Does Satellite Amplifiers have a valid claim for the vintage guitar design? If the model was indeed ‘abandoned’, shouldn’t Grimm’s company be allowed to produce it?



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