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Omega Ampworks Granophyre - With built-in EQD Plumes

Omega Ampworks Granophyre - With built-in EQD Plumes  ·  Source: Neural DSP

The new Omega Ampworks Granophyre is an amp simulation plugin from Neural DSP that goes from “dirty blues to crushing metal” according to the advertising. Next to selectable output tubes and IRs, the ace up its sleeve is perhaps the officially licensed simulation of Earthquaker Devices Plumes. Will the virtual EQD pedal help it gain some traction in a crowded market for amp sim plug-ins?

Omega Ampworks Granophyre

Neural DSP already have a host of different software virtual amp plugins available. This new Omega Ampworks Granophyre model has virtual EL34, 6L6, KT66 power amp tubes you can choose, along with settings for Low and High gain and a Voice Switch that you use to play with the midrange frequencies.

Then you have an onboard 9-band graphic equalizer to help you sculpt your virtual amp tones.

  • Virtual EL34, 6L6 and KT66 tubes
  • 9-band graphic equalizer
  • Low Gain: A softer response with a “thicker” tone, softer highs and more rounded lows
  • High Gain: Tight low end, apparently, with added saturation with emphasis on the upper mid-range
  • Voice Switch: Alters focus frequency for the mids

EQD Plumes

The real icing on the cake is the inclusion of the EQD Plumes pedal. This software emulation of the boutique booster pedal has three different saturation circuits to play with. It should open up your tonal possibilities even further.

Virtual EQD Plumes

Virtual EQD Plumes

Saturation Point?

The virtual Granophyre cab comes with 12 Impulse Responses per microphone, according to the Neural website. The whole plugin is 64-bit and runs on VST/AU/AAX plugin formats in your DAW of choice. A standalone version is also included for both Windows and Mac.

Omega Ampworks Granophyre

Omega Ampworks Granophyre

While this seems a formidable virtual amp setup, it doesn’t have any really standout features. The exception is perhaps the virtual EQD Plumes pedal, which may help get some traction in an already saturated marketplace for virtual amps.

You can download a 14 day free trial from my link below and try it out for yourself. It requires the use of a free iLok account to run it in your system. For more of my articles on Neural DSP click here.

RRP – EUR 99

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