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McDSP Royal-Q and Royal-Mu

McDSP Royal-Q and Royal-Mu  ·  Source: McDSP

Developer McDSP readied two new plug-ins in time for NAMM 2021. Predictably, we are dealing with serious analog-inspired processors that optionally take advantage of McDSP’s APB digitally-controlled analog box.

McDSP Royal-Mu

Royal-Mu is a stereo/dual-channel compressor and limiter weighing on the analog side. It has features like adjustable analog biasing and saturation, mid/side processing, sidechain input and stereo link. The two identical channels have dedicated Input, Attack, Release, Gain, Peak, Threshold and Ratio controls. A pair of virtual VU meters complete the analog look while providing input level, gain reduction or output level metering.

McDSP Royal MU

McDSP Royal MU

McDSP Royal-Q

Royal-Q offers 2 channels with 4 EQ bands each. The bands cover a combined frequency range of 20Hz – 25kHz, with separate Q (filter width) and Gain available for each. The mid section has Level and Trim knobs alongside M/S and Link switches. With this set of options, Royal-Q is capable of being a parametric and shelving EQ with mid/side processing. A custom analog output stage has been coded as well, with the EQ controls calibrated to and interacting with it for a bit of extra ‘sauce’.

While both plug-ins are capable in their native versions, they really get to shine when paired with McDSP’s APB digitally-controlled analog processing box. The Royal-Q, in particular, has its saturation circuit calibrated to the unit’s A/D converters. Signal peaks over 0dB are handled by real analog circuits whose output levels are matched to the A/D conversion stage to prevent digital clipping.

McDSP Royal-Q

McDSP Royal-Q

Price and availability

The new McDSP plug-ins are coming March 2021 in AAX Native, AU, VST3, and McDSP Analog Processing Box formats.

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