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McDSP Moo X Mixer

McDSP Moo X Mixer  ·  Source: McDSP

McDSP has announced the Moo X Mixer plug-in for the APB-16 Analog Processing Box. The Moo X Mixer turns the APB hardware into what McDSP calls “the world’s first fully automated hybrid mixing console under total software control”. Sounds exciting – what can it do?

McDSP Moo X Mixer

McDSP announced the APB-16 a year ago at NAMM 2019. The idea is to bring the ease of use and recall capabilities of software to analogue circuitry. Using plug-ins like the Moo Tube Compressor, El Moo Tube Limiter and C673-A Dynamic Range Compressor in your DAW, you can enjoy the amenities of a smooth digital workflow, while the audio is processed in the analogue realm. With the new Moo X Mixer, the 16-channel APB-16 can now also handle the mixing part. This turns the APB into a complete hybrid mixing system.

According to McDSP, the Moo X Mixer provides instant session recall and allows you to automate all mixer controls and save presets. Each channel features an equalizer, analogue saturator and compressor. There’s also a master section with an auxiliary input and stereo analogue compression and saturation. Furthermore, each channel has solo, mute and phase switches, as well as a channel volume control. A VU meter for each channel helps to keep the levels in check.

Those are about all the details we know right now, but the Moo X Mixer already looks like a very useful addition to the APB system.

Price and availability

Because it relies on the APB hardware, the Moo X Mixer is only available with the purchase of an APB-16, which comes with a premium price tag of about USD 7000. As of now, the plug-in is free for current APB-16 owners. McDSP says that it will be available in Q1 of 2020.

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  1. anon says:

    Ok now make exclusively software controlled at the size of a half rack module without all the knobs for $500 and you have a deal.

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