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Vox Cambridge50 combo amp

Vox Cambridge50 combo amp  ·  Source: Vox

The new Vox Cambridge 50-watt modelling combo is a solid state amp that uses Vox’s NuTube technology and Virtual Element Technology (VET) to generate its tones. This new amp packs in enough power to gig with. 


Vox Cambridge50

It doesn’t always have to be a full amp stack to make a guitarist happy. Sometimes a 1×12 combo is all you need. And that’s the pitch of the Cambridge50, a new Vox combo: a flexible amp for a gigging player that hasn’t got deep pockets.

Vox Cambridge 50 combo with NUTube and VET technology

Vox Cambridge 50 combo with NuTube and VET technology

NuTube & VET

Vox has used tried-and-tested technology here. The preamp stage features a NuTube 6P1, developed by Korg and Noritake. That combines with the Virtual Element Technology (VET) to generate the modelled tones provided.

Vox Cambridge 50 combo top panel

Vox Cambridge 50 combo top panel


The Cambridge models 11 amps and eight effects (modulations, reverbs, delays). That sounds like it should offer enough flexibility. But the amp also looks easy to set up. The emulations include sounds in the style of Vox, Marshall and Mesa/Boogie amps, so you have a bit of everything to mess around with here.

Cambridge50 Amp Emulations:

  • VOX AC30
  • VOX AC30TB
  • BRIT 1959
  • BRIT 800
  • SL-OD
  • LINE

There is also a built-in tuner, an AUX input, a headphone output with Cab-Sim and a USB audio interface for DAW recording. If you want, you can also save your own presets and call them up directly on the amp.

The Cambridge50 is constructed as an open back combo with a 12” Celestion VX12 speaker. Although it’s obviously focused on guitars, there is also a Line mode that lets you use it with keyboards. And the 50 Watts of the power are certainly enough to cover small stages without a PA.

Price and market launch

The Vox Cambridge50 is expected to go on sale for USD 299.99. If the sounds are up to scratch, that will be a competitive price point. This amp will be on display at NAMM 2020, so we should start hearing feedback from players very soon. For now, you can check out the two demo videos or head on over to the company’s product page from the link below for more details.

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