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Suhr Hombre

Suhr Hombre  ·  Source: Instagram/Suhr

Suhr has been showing off its brand new Hombre all-tube combo at Winter NAMM. The amp conjures up memories of the old ‘brown face’ style vintage amps.

Suhr Hombre

The new Suhr Hombre is an all-tube, 20-watt, boutique hand-wired combo, made in a classic ‘brown-face’ style, reminiscent of the old Fender amps. Personally, I think it looks beautiful.

It has two inputs, a Normal and a Bright, and a Volume and Tone knob to dial in your sound. There’s also a vintage-style, tube-driven tremolo that can be controlled with the Speed and Intensity knobs.

Suhr Hombre at NAMM 2020

Suhr Hombre at NAMM 2020

A closer look inside

The amp is powered by three 12AX7s and one 5ARH in the preamp section and two 6V6GT power amp tubes. It has a 60-watt Celestion V speaker and the whole thing comes in at under 36 pounds, so not too heavy.

Expect a high end build quality, both in terms of the wiring and finish with this model, as well as some super lush cleans and sweet overdrive tones. It looks like a gorgeous boutique amp and I cannot wait to get my hands on one when they come out in the spring.

RRP – USD 1599

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