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The affordable 2626 Thunderbolt interface isn’t the only new product launch from PreSonus. The manufacturer took to NAMM another announcement and it’s a fairly unique little gizmo.

ioStation 24c

What if an audio interface met a DAW controller and they really liked each other and had babies? That would be the ioStation 24c. Equipped with a pair of XMAX preamps and 24/192 conversion, it lets you make recordings in PreSonus’ Studio One (preferably, though any DAW will do) and use a bunch of knobs and butons to edit, produce and mix. The controller features a 100mm motorized fader, transport controls, volume knobs and a Session Navigator centered around a rotary control and shortcuts.

PreSonus is marketing the ioStation 24c as an alternative to all-in-one recording stations like those made for podcasters. However, I’m not convinced a desktop controller can straighten and shorten the learning curve of a DAW. It can make mixing a more enjoyable, tactile experience by taking some of the action away from the mouse and keyboard. But for a complete recording novice, the ioStation 24c is very “what’s this thing?”

Still, it’s a rather unique product and it comes bundled with PreSonus Studio One Artist. The two go together like PB&J, so who knows, someone might end up discovering a new favorite workflow for themselves by trying out the ioStation 24c.


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