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Gibson TV

Gibson TV  ·  Source: YouTube/Gibson

Gibson’s Mark Agnesi is hosting the company’s latest foray into online video. The new Gibson TV is available now on YouTube and is to feature behind the scenes footage, artists, icons and more. Just in time for Winter NAMM!

Gibson TV

Considering the company’s rich history, there should be plenty of interesting topics that they can cover on the newly launched Gibson TV channel. Mark Agnesi already has a background in online video presentation from his days on YouTube with Normans Rare Guitars, so it makes sense to have him host this new effort.


You can subscribe via YouTube or the company page here to keep up to date with all the latest news, interviews and more.

The videos are divided into various sections. Like The Collection, where Mark looks at players collections of guitars. Or My First Gibson, where artists talk about their first Gibson guitar.

Or perhaps you might enjoy The Process where there’s some behind-the-scenes footage of how Gibson instruments are made. Another area is called The Scene, a travel and lifestyle series with Agnesi where he travels to cities around the world to find the coolest music destinations that help make up that city’s music scene.

Gibson TV

Gibson TV

Icons and more

Other offerings include Icons, providing interviews with artists, and The Songbook where you can listen to acoustic showcases. Behind The Board gives insights into the stories behind the recording process on famous productions with the artists and producers involved.

2020 could be an interesting year for Gibson. This does have something new about it, with lots of potential for rich, interesting content. Head on over to my links to subscribe, or check out a few of the videos below to get a feel for what Gibson TV has to offer.

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  1. Janne says:

    Welcome to GibsonTV. Each week we will crush hundreds of models that didn’t sell. You’ve already seen the Firebird X. Please tune in next week for the Dusk Tiger!

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