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Roland’s online software instrument arm Roland Cloud has announced two new instruments. SRX World and Drum Studio – Acoustic One.


SRX World

Another classic from the Roland SRX expansion boards of the early naughties that you would plug into the back of your JV1080 or equivalent Roland workstation. SFX World is full of all the exotic sounds (assuming you’re from the unexotic West) of “World” music from Asia and India and maybe even a bit of country. SRX World is packed full of sounds from around the globe from didgeridoo to tabla, berimbau to sitar. It comes with 407 unique patches, 10 rhythm sets and 867 waveforms. You get a bunch of patch editing and a multi-effects section.

Roland Cloud SRX World

Roland Cloud SRX World

Drum Studio – Acoustic One

Acoustic One comes with a bunch of classic kits recorded with the most modern of audio engineering tools. It includes 6 kicks, 5 snares, 9 toms, and 7 cymbals all sampled with varied articulation and multiple microphone placements and played with sticks, brushes, and hot rods. Included in the collection are a 1926 snare, a 1960 14×24 bass drum, and dozens of other sounds designed to bring an authentic vibe to your music. They record up to 300 samples spread over the 128 values of velocity that are randomly allocated when you play the same velocity. The same goes for the “round-robin” randomisation features of triggering samples.

You can get involved in microphones, in types and placement. You can apply effects to the kit and get into the compression, reverb and mix settings.


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Roland Cloud

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