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Hotone Ampero MP-100 multi effect pedal

Hotone Ampero MP-100 multi effect pedal  ·  Source: Hotone

HoTone Ampero

HoTone Ampero  ·  Source: HoTone

I wrote all about the forthcoming HoTone Ampero back in October last year, which you can read about here. Now it looks like it is finally being released, and we also have a price and date. NAMM visitors should be able to check it out as well.

HoTone MP-100 Ampero

Touted as an all singing and dancing floor pedal unit for guitarists, the HoTone Ampero is aimed squarely at the Line 6 Helix and LT models.

I see that Thomann now has them showing up as being in stock within a few weeks and we now have a listed price of EUR 399, which is near what I projected back in October.

HoTone Ampero Output setup options

HoTone Ampero I/O setup options

Everything in one pedal?

Ampero can handle up to nine effect modules simultaneously and has a built-in looper to keep you occupied as well. With CDCM HD and HoTone’s proprietary F.I.R.E modelling on board, it has 64 amp models with 60 cab models and over 100 pedal models to choose from.

The unit also models both mic position and various microphone types. Combine this with the built-in facility for loading your own IRS and it gets pretty powerful, especially at this price point.

Hotone Ampero MP-100

Hotone Ampero MP-100

Helix Killer?

I own a Helix LT myself and find it is great for many things, it is easy to use and good in the studio for recording as well. It links up nicely with my Macs and I can use Helix Native to easily build patches in my DAW as well. It all just works.

So is the Ampero MP-100 a Helix killer? Again, like I said last year this will all boil down to how good it sounds and how easy it is to set up. Lime 6 also a well-constructed floor unit with the Helix and I know bands touring the world with them are happy with their build quality.

So the question is, can the new HoTone Ampero MP-100 be able to match all this?

RRP – EUR 399

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Steve Conrad
1 year ago

Ampero Firmware 3.0 (May 31, 2019) New Features 1. You can now manage your signal chain in Edit menu by double clicking on a module 2. You can connect external footswitch controller to EXP 2 (EXP 2/FS) jack – EXP 2/FS settings added in Global menu for setting footswitch functions and EXP 2/FS jack functions 3. Wait mode added when switching between banks (for external footswitch only) 4. You can now control USB recording level (Global > USB Audio) 5. You can now set No Cab Mode separately on either L/R channel (Global > I/O) Improvements & Changes 1.Screen Lock… Read more »

John D'oh
9 days ago

from all the comparisons of the Ampero vs all the best, the Ampero smokes them all…so i bought the Ampero, and the Ampero One, and have to say that i’m done searching. that being said, the jerks at Hotone are making the Ampero Stomp

Last edited 9 days ago by John D'oh