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Malekko Manther

Malekko Manther  ·  Source: Malekko

Malekko Manther

Malekko Manther  ·  Source: Malekko

We saw this last year, an interesting box that wasn’t really working right. This year the Manther is back and it’s about ready for production at last! It’s companion, the BFF, is still going to take some time.


It’s a fully featured, tabletop monosynth with an analog signal path, an advanced 64-step digital sequencer and onboard delay. The sound engine is based upon the CEM 3340 VCO and has an analog filter based on the SSM2044. So for those of you who know their chips that’s probably super impressive.

A Source Mixer gives you full control over all the waveforms (square, triangle, saw, tri-shape, noise and sub) which also have individual outputs. Otherwise, it’s a pretty regular SH-101 style monosynth affair with a single LFO, VCF, VCA and envelope.

Where it gets interesting is with the sequencer. Each step of the 64 steps sequencer can be automated across all the main features and saved in one of 64 preset slots. These presets can be selected to play in any order you wish. There’s a button keyboard for easy input and repeat and probability functions to get the inspiration flowing.

The screen in the middle gives access to some deeper controls over bits and pieces such as sub semitones, envelope type and a stack of sequencing options.

It’s very Eurorack friendly with CV and gate in/out in all the right places but it also runs good with MIDI.

The $649 price point puts it at the higher end of monosynth sequencers, above the Roland SE-02, Novation Mono Station and SH-01a but Malekko has the reputation to pull that off. Should be available in a couple of months.

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ThisGuy Max

Interesting feature set. Although Groovebox is the wrong term, no? It’s a mono synth with an extended sequencer. I am pointing this out since I was quite excited when I read that Malekko releases a Groovebox, but disappointed to read that it’s really just one voice. A real groovebox in the style of a jd-xi, circuit or electribe but instead with all analog drums and analog (poly) synth and lots of knobs would be incredible! This is what I expected from a groovebox (from Malekko). I assume many people would also crave for a thing like that.