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Yudo Neuman

Yudo Neuman  ·  Source: Peff


Japanese company Yudo had something special stashed away in a corner of the show. It’s called Neuman and it looks phenomenal, like a synthesizer from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). Now, where have I heard the name Yudo before? That’s right, they were showing a cardboard cutout keyboard in the foyer. They are playing at both ends of the spectrum I think.



According to the website, “This is a full-scale synthesizer developed through an original, made-to-order process to answer the needs of top musicians in the world.” The idea is that the implementation of a large touch screen panel will facilitate a stress-free operational feeling. The sound engine is based on something called NAT or Noise Added Tone which I’ve not come across before. But apparently, it’s a system that “presents an unprecedented realistic sensation by focusing on the hit sound or noises generated during performances.”

The final hardware configuration is yet to be determined but it is supposed to end up as a genuine hardware and software product.


It looks completely awesome. With the right interface and connection to sound it could make for a very interesting performance space.

Doing a bit of research I can find very little in terms of detail. I do know that version 2 of the Neuman was at last years show so maybe this is something that’s waiting for someone to push it a little further before it becomes a reality. Who knows.

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  • Neuman product page

Yudo Neuman

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2 responses to “NAMM 2018: Futuristic Neuman synthesizer prototype”

    Phylum Sinter says:

    I can’t tell if any of this is actually real, the website sort of hints that it isn’t though… lack of specifics, lack of videos showing that stunning (conceptual, i think) screen UI functioning… it all comes off as a design concept more than a product. Would love to be 100% wrong about this though, as it looks like one of the most bonkers designs out there.

    David Hoyte says:

    I wanted to know the Price, and how can you ship to the Bahamas.

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