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Kami-Oto  ·  Source: Yudo


Kami-Oto  ·  Source: Yudo

Hanging out in the convention centre foyer were Japanese technology company Yudo with their Kami-Oto cardboard keyboard that’s currently being neglected on Kickstarter. It looks suspiciously like something recently announced by Nintendo.

The original version was built around an Apple Magic Keyboard, but this new prototype uses its own board. It is velocity sensitive and has buttons for octave. Other controls have been integrated.

Once you’ve built it you can connect it to a smartphone or computer and start playing. There are options with or without Bluetooth. Apparently, it only costs $27 or $36 with Bluetooth and you can get one by supporting them on Kickstarter.

It’s a super little DIY project and a great use of cardboard. Fair play to them for turning up and doing their thing to entertain people queuing to get into NAMM.

More information

  • Yudo Kickstarter page



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