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Erica Synths montage

Erica Synths montage  ·  Source: Erica Synths

Some we’ve been aware of like the impatiently expected Drum Sequencer and the interesting looking Graphic VCO. The other four are news to me and give us something to look out for over the show.


The Black Hole DSP 2 is an updated version of the original Black Hole multi-effects module. This time it’s 24 effects with 5 controllable parameters rather than the 16 and 2 of the original. It’s expected to arrive in April.

The two percussion modules have a slightly different look to their other modules and may well be the start of something fabulous. The Bass Drum looks very comprehensive and the Snare looks similarly fully featured. These should be available in March.

And lastly, the Black Resonant Equalizer looks like it could offer a serious amount of sound sculpting and modulation fun. 12 bands, all CV controllable, with analogue filters and digital control.

We’ll post more information as we get it.

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