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Tech21 Q/Strip MOSFET Preamp Pedal

Tech21 Q/Strip MOSFET Preamp Pedal  ·  Source:

Tech21 has designed the Q/Strip MOSFET Preamp Pedal to work with many different instruments including bass, acoustic guitar and also keyboards. Their aim is to recreate a vintage console section and put it into an effects pedal sized box. Have they succeeded?


The Tech 21 Q/Strip has a pretty comprehensive EQ section and is based around a MOSFET preamp. In fact, the pedal has one level control for the low and high shelf and two semi-parametric mid bands. This all-analogue circuit sounds pretty impressive in the demo videos below.

Ins and Outs

There are push buttons for low and high pass filters, -20 dB PAD on the XLR-DI-out, +10 dB boost on the jack out and a ground-connect for the XLR-Out as well. It should be able to handle most signals thrown at it and also plug into live desks and recording environments easily too.

You can power the Tech21 Q/Strip either via phantom power,  a 9V  battery or an optional power supply, the Tech 21 DC4. The pedal uses red knobs and we feel it is trying to get the look of a Neve channel strip by using this colour scheme. Be sure to watch the demo videos below to get an idea of how it sounds, plus you can hear that EQ in action as well.

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Find out more on the Tech21 website

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