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Teenage Engineering PO-20, PO-24, PO-28

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Teenage Engineering add 3 new models to their innovative Pocket Operator music device product range: Arcade, Office and Robot!

And then there were six: Aside from the PO-12 rhythm, PO-14 sub (bass synth) and PO-16 factory (lead synth) there are now three more models to choose from. Each of the PO units may be used separately or connected together to start a pocket band (it’s REALLY hard to suppress any kind of Kraftwerk analogies here).

Considering their low price point, the features and, if the demos are anything to by, sound quality are quite astonishing. Connected to a mixer rather than listening to the built-in speaker, the Pocket Operators sound quite “grown up”. I have to admit, that the calculator-style operation is not for me, but the demo videos look fun. I especially like the crazy display (animated submarine for the bass, sewing machine for the rythm – and so on).

The new models are:

PO-20 Arcade
This synthesizer and sequencer comes with synthesized arcade sounds for beat making and chiptune improvisation, chaining for up to 128 chords and patterns, 16 sounds and 16 punch-in effects.

PO-24 Office
A noise percussion drum machine and sequencer featuring sampled vintage hardware and real synthesizer engines, chaining for up to 128 patterns, 16 sounds, 16 punch-in effects and solo control.

PO-28 Robot
This offers a real 8-bit synthesizer engines for playing or sequencing melodies and leads. Features include 15 sounds, micro drum, chaining for up to 128 patterns and live play in combination with the sequencer.

General Features
• sequencer
• parameter locks
• built-in speaker
• 3.5 mm audio I/O
• jam sync
• LCD display
• folding stand
• watch + alarm clock
• battery powered (2 x AAA)
• 1 month battery life (normal use 1h/day)

Price: USD 59 / EUR 69 / GBP 49 (MSRP)

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