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NAMM 2016 Line 6 Firehawk 1500

Line 6 Firehawk 1500  ·  Source:

NAMM 2016 Line 6 Firehawk 1500

Firehawk 1500. A gig worthy combo ?  ·  Source:

NAMM 2016 Line 6 Firehawk 1500

Six Speakers for a 'wet / dry / wet' effects setup.  ·  Source:


Line 6 have announced the Firehawk 1500: a six-speaker combo with 1500 watts of power. It incorporates a large collection of Line 6 HD and XT amp models, cabinet emulations and effects. It can also be controlled using either an Android or iOS device.


Yes, 1500 watts. This is because it is a solid state FRFR (Full Range Flat Response) amp, making it more like a clear-sounding PA and not anywhere near as powerful as a valve amp. So, don’t worry it won’t blow your head off. I’d imagine it will be close to a 50 Watt valve combo at most. The six speakers are arranged so that the centre pair are always playing the dry signal, whereas the two outer pairs will carry the wet signal. This should allow your guitar’s tone to shine through yet also apply effects without cmpletely masking your core sound.

Line 6 say they have made the amp as robust as possible, and from all the footage I have seen over the weekend it looks as though it’s a pretty heavy duty combo.

I would imagine that the sounds should sit well in a band scenario given the speaker arrangement in the cab, and might be particularly interesting for anyone needing to cover a lot of ground with different tones and effects settings. Anyone who has used the popular HD series equipment over the last few years will know what to expect.

A very good friend of mine programs the sounds for a word famous ‘70s prog rock band and has done for many years. They take out nothing but Line 6 stuff to save on amp rentals on world tours, plus according to them you can always pick up a Line 6 amp in just about any guitar shop around the world, so if one gets lost or broken you could replace it simply enough.

Myself I currently own a Line 6 DT25 amp setup for when I’m playing in smaller venues, rehearsing or somewhere I think it could might it broken/ stolen (and so don’t fancy taking out a £2k valve amp). I’ve never had any issue with mine and its done hundreds of hours of work in all that time. I think I will try and find some time to check one of these new Firehawks out myself as it could be a very useful amp for rehearsals and gigging.

So if the sounds in these new ones are on par with their other previous lines then this new Firehawk 1500 could be a great piece of kit for gigging musicians.

• 1500 Watts 6 Speaker system
• Largest collection of HD and XT amps, cabs, and effects
• Flexible I/O to compliment pedals and effects
• True stereo wet/dry/wet through the inbuilt speakers
• Firehawk Remote compatible

RRP GBP £723


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