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MXR limited edition Brown Acid Fuzz

MXR limited edition Brown Acid Fuzz  ·  Source: MXR

MXR limited edition Brown Acid Fuzz:

MXR limited edition Brown Acid Fuzz:pedal  ·  Source: MXR

MXR has just released a new limited edition pedal, the Brown Acid Fuzz. This is a silicon fuzz circuit in the vein of UK rock bands from the 1970s and has some retro graphics by legendary Bay Area artist Alan Forbes.

MXR limited edition Brown Acid Fuzz

The limited edition Brown Acid Fuzz is a recreation of the classic old fuzz pedals produced in the UK during the 1970s. It has a simple three-control layout with knobs for Output, Fuzz and Tone. Expect a retro sound perfect for doom-laden ’70s riffs. MX>R describe it thus: “Whether you want to ride droning power chord currents across the universe or summon burly grooves at an ancient altar, this pedal has all you need for your musical invocations.” Erm, all right, then…

It certainly is an interesting looking pedal and you should be able to use it on both guitar and bass. That would make it a fairly versatile pedal, even though it has a super-simple three knob setup.

Mysterious fuzz…

Dunlop/MXR hasn’t yet shared a lot of details about this new pedal, so it is hard to say where it differs from other 1970s-silicon-fuzz-pedal products on the market. The first demo video we’ve found is not of fantastic quality, but may be enough for you to decide if you want to hear more. The person demoing the pedal says it’s voiced for bass, although the Dunlop/MXR product page states it’s for guitar and bass. Make of that what you will. Personally, I like the look of this, but I think I would have to play through one to see how it feels and reacts to my guitar. In the meantime, more demo videos please, Mr MXR!

As this is a limited edition, it may be hard to get hold of. But if you can get down to your local pedal dealer and try one out, it could be worth the effort.

The MXR Brown Acid Fuzz is limited to 500 units worldwide.

RRP – 149.99

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