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Dr No Skull Fuzz

Dr No Skull Fuzz  ·  Source: Dr No

Dr No Skull Fuzz Limited Edition fuzz pedal

Dr No Skull Fuzz Limited Edition fuzz pedal  ·  Source: Dr No


Dr No makes odd, some might say insane, guitar effects pedals. I’ve written about a few this year, including the Alain Johannes fuzz, and it would seem the Doctor just cannot stay away from the weirder side of effects pedals, especially when it comes to fuzz.


Fuzzadelic SkullShow

The Fuzzadelic SkullShow was part of this year’s Roadburn Festival. During the event Dr No had asked for artists to design cases for his Skull Fuzz circuit, which competed to win the best design. Peter van Elderen, the winning sculptor, also happens to play guitar and sing in the band Peter Pan Speedrock. I thought it was cool that a player won.

They’ve made a limited run of 24 Skull Fuzzes in his design all made of a fibre strengthened material which is designed to be tough and durable. The original design was made of aluminium and was displayed at the Roadburn Festival itself. But I reckon they would have been expensive to cast and also very time consuming to make.

Dr No Skull Fuzz Limited Edition fuzz pedal wooden box

Dr No Skull Fuzz Limited Edition fuzz pedal and wooden presentationbox

Skull Fuzz

Each of the new pedals comes in one of four colours: Gold, Silver, Copper and Black. They are all limited editions and come in a wooden box designed to complement the look of the pedal. This all makes it a bit of a collectors item really, though I would imagine they will sound pretty good as well, as Dr No have a good reputation for building fuzz circuits.

No Brainer

The pedal has one volume control, one fuzz knob and a true bypass footswitch. Simple and effective.

Out of your head?

This is not the first skull-shaped pedal I have seen on the market, but because it’s a limited edition, it’ll be hard to buy one, so make sure you check out some audio demos. This is one for collectors and lovers of the strange. Dr No has put this circuit into other skull-based designs in the past, so you can hear demos of what it should sound like.

Surely, though, this will be completely impractical on most pedal boards. But I do quite like skulls, so I was torn when I first saw this new design. But maybe I’m just a little out of my skull…

Check out the video below of the original Dr No Skull Fuzz from late 2015

For more information visit the Dr No site here. Also, check out the Dr No Twitter feed about the new Skull Fuzz design here


RRP TBC although the regular version featured in the video below is USD $299


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Dr No Skull Fuzz

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