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MI Shades & Ripples

MI Shades & Ripples  ·  Source: MI

Mutable Instruments has quietly given Ripples and Shades an upgrade and a spruced up look to bring them more in keeping with the current line-up.

Ripples refresh

Ripples is a classic analogue 4-pole multi-mode “liquid” filter. Since its release in 2013 it’s been a steady favourite in racks everywhere giving a very pleasing Roland-esque vibe. The built-in VCA on the lowpass output was also very welcome in smaller setups.

MI Ripples

MI Ripples

The refresh loses the distinctive coloured knobs and reduces the FM input attenuverter to a smaller knob. But in addition to the aesthetic choices they’ve added a Highpass output, a selectable slope and an overdrive circuit to the input. You could almost call it a Ripples V2.

Shades refresh

This update to the Shades Mixer/Attenuverter module is purely cosmetic exchanging the coloured knobs for white and adding a second LED to each channel. The top LED displays the intensity of the positive half of the signal, the bottom LED handles to negative half.

MI Shades

MI Shades

Shades is available for €99 and Ripples is €169 and it’s encouraging to see little bits of development emerge from Mutable Instruments.

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