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Musikmesse 2022

Musikmesse 2022  ·  Source: Musikmesse


There will be no Musikmesse Fair or Festival in Frankfurt again this year but plans are afoot to evolve the event for next year to recapture a bit of interest and excitement.


Musikmesse 2022

It has fallen a bit flat in recent times from an electronic instrument point of view. It was once a European alternative to the NAMM show supported by all the usual software and hardware brands, it even gave birth to the idea of Superbooth. Musikmesse seems to have attracted less and less big names or had any curious products launched with a few noticeable exceptions like Exodus Digital Valkyrie that became the Waldorf Kyra, the Steinberg/Neve audio interfaces and Nord Piano 4 but that was all from 2018.

While it is still the biggest Prolight & Sound gathering in Europe manufactures and punters alike seem to have lost interest. And that’s a shame because for many of us Anaheim is a long way away.

So, what are they proposing? A recent press release says that Messe Frankfurt is working closely with the music industry to develop concepts for Musikmesse 2022. They want to bring together partners and associates from the culture and creative industries and commit themselves to their core ideals of promoting the making of music.

“In close cooperation with the industry and the associations, we have mastered many a dynamic market situation in the past. Like no other industry, music thrives on intensive personal exchange, from shared concert experiences to instrumental workshops. It is precisely for this reason that the still tense situation calls for a responsible sense of proportion – for the music industry and music scene as well as for ourselves as organizers. So we hope to be able to create a realistic perspective for everyone involved in the coming year, if the situation allows, ”

says Stephan Kurzawski, member of the management of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.

Musikmesse still great for acoustic instruments?

Musikmesse still great for acoustic instruments?

What does it all mean? Difficult to say but it sounds pretty hopeful. Musikmesse has the potential to get back to being a huge event in the European music calendar. The Festival in the past has organised 100’s of concerts across Frankfurt and brought artists together from around the world. It needs, I feel, to somehow harness the fascination we have with technology and offer something we can’t get from the Internet or from going to NAMM or Superbooth. It’s certainly a challenge and I hope they come up with the concepts that make Musikmesse exciting again.

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5 responses to “Musikmesse plans to return revitalised in 2022”

  1. Bobby Belknap says:

    Probably should just postpone till 2025 and beyond, there’s elections in 2022, will need to be locked down cause of covid for mail in ballots to be effective. 2023 will be campaign season for 2024 Presidential election, will need to be locked down cause of covid for mail in ballots to be effective, Meanwhile, America will have been vaccinated, still wearing masks, Award shows will continue for the stars, while the rest are locked down, because mail in ballots work.
    Congress; Shut up and do as your told.

    • LR says:

      Really owned the libs with that one bruh.
      Bruh, personally I think Bill Gates is clearly to blame for the cancellation of a music trade show in a country I don’t live in bruh.
      And bruh, I heard Hillary’s emails mentioned something about cancelling Musikmesse until they Dems can confiscate all our guns. Bruh…

      • Bobby Belknap says:

        Your actually right, Gates, and Fauci are both making bank on this. and they don’t want it going away anytime soon. Fauci introduces a new strain weekly. IDIOTS!

    • Robin Vincent says:

      You do realise Musikmesse is in Frankfurt Germany, not Frankfort Kentucky right?

  2. Bobby Belknap says:

    Of course I realize its in Germany, but since covid was manufactured in China, and intended for the U.S, other countries became collateral damage. thus destroying lives and events Globally for a specific outcome.

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