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Musikmesse Fender UAD Universal Audio partnership

Fender and Universal Audio Collaboration on the horizon.  ·  Source:

Universal Audio and Fender are working together, it has been officially announced via a page on the UA Website. The announcement itself is quite sparse and no major details are available as yet. 


This quote taken directly from the page about sums it up though: “We’re thrilled to welcome Fender to the UAD platform,” said Bill Putnam, CEO and founder of Universal Audio. “Putting Fender’s legendary tone on our recording products has been a goal for some time. Both UA and Fender have a 50-plus year heritage in music and recording products, so we’re very excited about what we can accomplish together.”

“This is an exciting endeavor for Fender, and Universal Audio is the best group to bring the essence of our classic amps to a digital platform,” said Shane Nicholas, Director of Product Development Amplifiers. “We look forward to offering players of all types the opportunity to utilize our products in their musical expression.”

If you look at Universal Audio’s track record for making software, then it should be a fruitful partnership. Their UAD hardware and software is now an industry standard around the world. Also, Fender have a back catalogue of some of the most iconic sounds in music history from the last 60 years or so, including classic amps as the Tweed Bassman, Deluxe Reverb and Champ to name only a few.

The two companies bring a lot to the table and so this announcement will be one to watch closely and see how it develops throughout the coming months. Software recreations of guitar amps are nothing new, however when done well they can be an amazing tool in the studio and allow engineers and musicians to experiment and get creative. Plus they don’t take up quite as much space as a real room full of amplifiers, or cost a fortune to maintain and insure!

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