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I heard one of the first pairs of their 8330’s that came to the UK and subsequently pushed the distributors to find me a pair immediately. I was completely blown over by their performance for their size, with built-in DSP processing for room calibration and at a relatively low price sealed the deal for me. Recently Genelec released the 8430 as a new addition to the range, but as the first Audio-over-IP enabled studio monitor on the market. Today at Musikmesse, Genelec have announced some more editions to this exciting line of monitors.


I was never a believer in DSP for calibrating the output of studio monitors, or the accuracy possible for measuring a rooms response. However, there has been some significant improvements in technology and a handful of manufactures are now offering some very impressive solutions. In practice however, it’s the typically expensive hardware options that are most useful running in real time across your monitoring path. Genelec have somehow managed to achieve a built-in version inside their Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) monitors, that can virtually be set and forgotten about. I’m not aware of any other manufacture doing this, and certainly not with as much experience the Finns have at Genelec.

Joining this tried and tested series of monitors are 5 new products. There are two more satellite models, two subwoofers and a multichannel bass-management processor for surround sound applications. The new satellites fill the gap between the small 4″ and 5″ (8320 and 8330 respectively), and their Coaxial or Master SAM series monitors. Presented with a 6.5″ woofer the 8340, and the 8350 with it’s 8″ woofer should prove to be very popular products with small to medium sized studios.


There are two new subs, the 7360 and 7370 with 10″ and 12″ woofers respectively. These will extend the range the 7350 currently holds by offering subs that match your chosen satellites. This is a thorough range of products suitable for a variety of rooms and budgets. To complete the picture and continuing Genelec’s commitment to surround sound, the new 9301 is a hardware unit for bass management of these SAM systems up to 7.1.

Take my word for it, these are really special monitors, but more importantly unique products offering a solution we’ve always needed. Prices aren’t announced yet but I guess it’s fairly safe to assume the 8340 and 8350 will straddle either side of the 2,000 GBP mark. I might be upgrading my 8330’s soon!

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